For Every Growing Girl

The sunlit ocher hue of your skin
Brings images of sunlight and growth,
Overexposed Polaroids and the smell
Of youth carried on the breeze.
Carelessness and freedom nestled
Under your skin
Your color saturated by it.

The curvature of your smile
Brings to mind all the goodness Earth brings.
She allows for us to have
Warm weather and bumblebees
Springtime and winter;
All the seasons hidden behind your teeth.
When your smile droops
Earth cracks and fades
Her light diminished,

But when your smile returns
So shall light and all wrongs will go right.
New growth from the damage,
You will grow from the damage.
Daisies and dandelions poking up from the crevices
Beauty and resilience
Earth is healing once more

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