For Granted

Have you seen the kids in Africa
Suffering from dementia
Can you apprehend the screams
That are louder than a baby’s cry
My bones are shattered into million pieces
And I can’t emphasize it enough
I vacated my motherland for you
I wasn’t fortunate but you are
You are
Why can’t you take advantage of it?
Why can’t you see your ability?

Stop pretending to be blind
Colleges will take you in no matter what
Grades are just 2/3 worth of your acceptance
The acceptance you so
Desperately lack
Be active! Stay connected! Join A sport.
You can’t always use your superficial assignments as an excuse
Stop the impersonation
But don’t be too factual
That doesn’t exist in this planet
Stanford is a reach school
Even god can’t assist you with that
Wake up from the dream that is unrealistic
You’re not rich, you don’t have 4.0 and you can’t score 1600 on the SAT
That’s reality
And realities are sometimes
Meant to bite you

Passions must be thrown
From the tallest mountain
My mind will only function
When You understand
You need to make a choice
Faster than a cheetah
Running 75 mph
Produce a path
A career with thousands
Of dollars to offer
I’m the controller
You must obey my words
satisfy your family, friends and strangers
give up on your ambitions
Your desire for photography
Let education be your devotion
And suppress the emotions

So I raise my hands today
For the one millionth time
To not question
But to surrender

Dear school, you’re my wealth
But I’ve misplaced by health
From the day a foot on the land of free
From the day, released from the
Ground of poverty and torment.
I’m addicted————
Addicted to the constant urge
Of lifting my finger every time
I leave the classroom to examine
My failure on a software that shows
5 letters. 5 letters. “A” “B” “C” “D” or “F”
My NAME consists of five letters
Those five letters define me
Just like the grades
It has become a habit
It has become a routine

I’ve let darkness consume
My mind, tissues and organs
Sprinting for med school
to lose myself during the journey
I can’t breathe the same way anymore
And that isn’t crucial
As long as I can make
Enough money to satisfy
Because money is respect
It’s influential, it’s powerful.
I’m the individual who has
Committed the crime
To wanting to fulfill
My aspirations
Be the judge and announce
My destiny

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