For granted

Would you love and spend time with me if I told you I was dying?
Would it bother you to know I go to bed each night crying?
Each day and night I pray for you, miss you hope you are doing ok.
How much I hang on every word you say.
You are everything to me; the light in my dark,
But I always fall short of your expectations and always seem to miss my mark.
It’s not easy being the person I am; the one God created to serve Him and others,
To love everyone from our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.
You put me in the back shelf to collect dust until the time comes you need me,
You don’t listen and many times don’t hear me; my cries, my pleas.
I’ve given until I cannot give anymore; the pain is great within my being
At times I feel I should just go away as I see myself fleeing.
I’m a daughter, a mother and a wife
Yet my life only holds on to strife.
No resolution to the quest I seek,
This is finding your love for me.
What happened to cause us to drift so far apart?
I beg each year that comes we can strive for a fresh start.
Why should I be embarrassed or ashamed and hide behind my tears?
I just pray we can move forward, get out of the past and look forward to happy years.
Life does not get better by chance it gets better by choice
Life doesn’t have to be bitter or in chaos, it can change by one person; one voice.
If some day comes where I cross your mind
I pray it won’t be too late and I’ve run out of time.
Each life is like an hour glass filled with tiny sand, falling softly and slow,
Once it runs out it’s our time to go
Will you miss me, keep my legacy alive?
Look inside your heart and take a good look at your own life.
Will you speak of good things about me to your children and theirs?
What will your legacy be and what will you pass down to your heirs?
Will you teach your children about humanity and to not take life for granted?
Please make the best of your life while you still reside on this planet. Life is too short as most would say
Live your life as though it’s your last day
Don’t look back and have your life bogged down with regret
Keep me close to your heart, remember me in happy times please don’t ever forget.
Would you love me and spend time with me if I shared with you my pending demise?
Does it bother you at all that the things you do hurt my feelings and make me feel despised?
Each day and night I pray for you, miss you and hope you are doing ok.
life does not get better by chance it get better by choice

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