For Her

Anything you want to be, you can be
They said to me
Unless you are a woman, they forgot to tell me I can be
A man, moron, sexist, racist, marriage escapist, dishonor my nation
I just cannot be of female relation
Someone forgot to tell me
When they told me you can be
Anything you want to be
What you deserve,
You will have to Make it, Shape it, and above all Take it
Never forsake it, always protect it
Do not ever let the next one forget
That this was taken, and should never be forsaken
The next frontier theirs for the making, shaping and taking
Theirs for the passing and protecting
In Her words, "we are stronger together"
And when they did not tell me
I clung to Her words and I will never doubt,
That I am
Valuable, Powerful, Deserving
And these chances are mine for the making
And the opportunities mine for the shaping
In the world to pursue and achieve my own dreams
This and more I will be taking
We are done waiting, through heartache just now awakening
I am with Her because I am Her

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