For How Long Can I Be Owned

For how long by you will I be owned
How many days or years how many of each and every hour
For how long or far to you can I belong
How many miles or cites how many whole entire countries

For how long will it be you I reach for in the night
Only to find another as I wake in the dark
For how long will all hands but your hands
On my body be those of a stranger not of my lover

For how long will I wake as each day breaks
Wander if you are well worry if you are lonely or scared
For how long will even my dreams by you be haunted
Will there come a day my nightmares you no longer take away

For how long will my skin for your skin be such a feen
This constant craving for the burn your fingers leave
For how long will it be your voice only I wish to hear
Telling me it is the end of this bad dream

For how much longer can I will this to go on
Can it last as many years as it's already been
For how long will I let you hold my heart
What will it take what if even time fails

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