For My Family and My Friends

For My Family…

We knew this day might happen,
My profession brings this doubt.
The fear that every officers’ spouse,
Can’t stand to think about.

Yet here we are, my willingness,
To pay so high a price.
To serve my fellow man,
And give the final sacrifice.

Although perhaps the biggest trait,
For which I had been known.
My courage pales when it’s compared,
To that which you have shown.

The courage that you all displayed,
There standing at my side,
Could have moved the tallest mountain,
Or turned back the deepest tide.

You held so tight to hopefulness
The slightest sign to see.
Prayed for a Christmas miracle,
That just was not to be.

Never question your decision,
To finally give release.
‘Cause what it really did,
Was bring me everlasting peace.

I wish there was a way for me,
To take away your pain.
To ease the hurt you feel inside,
To make you smile again.

But my efforts now are limited,
To those memories sublime.
So that sorrow only lessens,
With the slow passing of time.

And somewhat with the comfort,
From our friends and family.
Who’ll do their very best to care,
For those held dear by me.

I need you to remember,
Though we’re physically apart.
I’ll be proudly watching over you,
And be forever in your heart.

Now as we take our separate paths,
These parting words I’ll say,
“Farewell my precious family,
‘Til we meet again someday”.

…And My Friends

Once again you gather,
Thinking when will all this end?
A sea of shrouded badges,
For another fallen friend.

Some of you will shed a tear,
As bagpipes start to mourn.
Still others when the bugle sounds,
And calls out Taps forlorn.

Rest assured there will not be,
A dry eye in the hall.
When I fail to give an answer,
To my final radio call.

I know the emptiness you feel,
For I have felt it too.
So many times I stood there,
And I cried along with you.

Don’t let your grief distract you,
Now that I am gone.
Resolve to hold your heads up high,
And keep on keeping on.

Stay diligent for safety,
Never fail to be ‘street smart’.
Unite yourselves in courage,
And stand proud with strength of heart.

It’s such a unique calling,
This job of yours and mine.
It takes more than most could know,
To walk the thin blue line.

It’s almost time for roll call now,
I don’t want to be late.
St Peter’s my new Sergeant,
And my beat’s the Pearly Gate.

There’s no shortage of talent here,
You’d laugh if you could see.
Tim Brenton and the Lakewood Four,
Are on 1st Watch with me.

So my friends from time to time,
Look up when skies are blue.
And know the warmth you’re feeling,
Is me smiling back at you.

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