For Nothing

My efforts
was it all for nothing?
I did all I could.
I was to be there for you in all the ways I knew how.

It was all for nothing.
I tried to give you all of me.
You never allowed me to fully be there for you.
I held you as you cried in my arms of your fears of the future.

I still want you to have all of me.
You built my hopes again and again.
I want to replace your fears of the future with great
that will become memories.
You changed me for the better, and you choose not to see it.
I did things for you I would never.

Time again I let your smile and beautiful mind blind me,
breaking my walls down more and more.
I did all I could, let me do more.
I see the better in you, that's why I did things
I would never do for someone else, so I'm begging you,
don't let my efforts go to waste for a second time.

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