For Now

These steel chains I surrounded myself
locked tight, forgot where I placed the key,
if I can forget yesterday, the years then I could recreate in a world,
true happiness, the unconditional love I've been waiting for all my life,
too many descission all found the way to where the road doesn't exsists
never placed to keep solid ground, to run away,far away
forced to face the fears
forced to hear my own tears
for now you are there, I'm standing on my own,
to face the unknown, to stay strong
to reality I don't even regconize anymore,
since now you are there, alone here I stand,
waiting for you, everyday, every minute
for now, meet me in my dreams
to see you, to hold you, to hear you telling me,
Babydoll, I love you
Come home, only you can unlock these chains,
I wish to breathe again

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