Do you know me?
I am the voice on the street,
The house girl you maltreat,
The one who is always not neat,
I am the one with a broken smile and teeth.

Do you know me?
I am the girl who gets knocked on the head,
I can be fun when you get to know me,
I would give my heart for a slice of bread,
I do not matter; just the perfect culprit.

Do you know me?
At age ten I was sold into slavery,
My mistress promised me a life and education,
Her husband takes away my pride and vision,
I am stripped of everything - left with not even me.

You point fingers at me?
For leaving the door unlocked so they could be robbed?
Or taking her baby away to the slum?
Have you seen her latch at me?
she leaves me hungry while on a trip for a week,
For her son's sins she puts pepper or sticks in my ovaries.

Oh, I am glad you now see me,
You prefer to pretend I do not exist,
My pain and cries never mattered,
Today you pled and called me a human being,
Asked me to forgive you from my heart,
And I am all smiles as the court finds me guilty.

You would fight for her,
A woman with a child yet maltreats another child,
I hope to start a revolution to educate her,
I was born a girl not a criminal mind!

Protect me,
Fight for me,
Raise your voice for me,
Save me from the evil in me.

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This poem was written for every girl child who has to choose between wrong and a greater wrong. The poem hopes to start a revolution to liberate children stuck in different types of abuse perpetuated by those who should protect them. Kindly like, comment and share this with your personal audience. Thank you.