For the One

This is for the one who always knew just what to say.
Who cradled me as a baby, and watched me grow into who I am today.
Someone who has a fire she always carries within.
Flames that she, unknowingly, to me has given.
A fire that urges us to survive even though times are rough.
With that fire I'd be grateful, but she thought it wasn't enough.
She also taught me of love, and that with it comes no end.
She's guided me in my walk through life as an adviser and a friend.
She has been there for me every second of my life,
who's shared my tears of happiness as well as those of strife.
For the one who comforted me when I had my heart torn in two,
the one who showed me life goes on, and how to start anew.
Someone I know I can always count on to be with me,
Through my troubles and achievements whatever case it be.
The one who since I was born has shared my pain and laughter.
Someone who will always be with me, forever and thereafter.
Someone whose loving, strong, and brave, that helps me on my way.
Someone that, I thank God for, every moment of each day.
This is for the one I love like no other,
This is for you my precious, darling Mother.

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