For the real friends

By Luciane   

Happiness is what you gave me
Now I try to be happy with what you taught me
life is full of colors
When we have true friends
True friends are like books
It is not necessary to have many, but to have the really good ones
And that is what you were, the truest and most sincere friendship that life gave me

How not to have been so happy in each conversation
If life allowed us to meet
Two delirious crazy women without understanding

I keep the beauty you gave me
Knowing that true friendship exists
And that it is not necessary to be blood brothers
When we can be brothers at heart

'Cause that's what friends are
They are brothers that we choose
Gift of life to give us
a little sweeter and prettier

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This Poems Story

This poem is about my best friend who passed away 2 months ago. Her friendship was the most sincerely and real that i never had before.