For Those Emerald Greens

In every moment I see you my heart,
Must steal a breath.
No matter if you are in my sight,
Or hidden from my gaze.
For him all my senses go blank,
Frivolous logic has given in to blunder.

My words so stricken I cannot speak,
Sounds growing hushed.
The urge I get just to hold your hand.
My desire is to be near you.

For you I take both knees and surrender.
Emotion has finally conquered;
I am its willing prisoner.
For him my words have become sin.
Shackles crafted from thrones kiss my skin.
Every prick is proof of my devotion.

Emerald green eyes imprint on my being.
Endless nights of fantasizing.
Morning filled with anticipation.
My feelings are true.
I do love you.

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