For Those Who’ve Left Me

For those who've left me here behind-the friends, the family-
alive in my mind, these are the things I hope you now find.
Go seek out the spots where grass grows thick
You'll have your choice of flowers to pick.
Search through the stones for the best ones to kick.
Discover the waterfalls running hard and fast
The tallest mountains where you can view the past
A sky full of rainbows that always last.
Find fields of daisies, corn, and wheat
Strawberries and blueberries juicy and sweet
Creeks and streams to cool your feet.
Swing strong from the rope into the lake
And never suffer from a bruise or an ache.
If ever you're sad, go eat chocolate cake.
Spread those wings and finally learn how to fly
Remember happily the days gone by
But enjoy the peace up in Heaven High.
Know that there truly is no goodbye.
But while I am still here, I'll treasure my ride
Love the ones who are by my side
Cherish the ebb and wane of the tide.
Sometimes I'll stumble and sometimes I'll glide.
As for those who've left me here behind,
Know you will always live in my mind.
When my days are all over, we'll not be so far,
And first thing we'll do is dance on a star!

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