For You

I've been trying to write a song for you.
A song that we could sing just us two.
But I couldn't think of the perfect words,
To tell you, that with you my heart flys with the birds.
I've been trying to write a speech confessing my love.
A speech that would stay on your mind,
Like a hand to a glove.
I tried to really tell you how I feel,
But from my lips my heart would steal.
I've been trying to make you something amazing.
Something we could share that our hearts have been craving.
But I couldn't find anything to really prove it,
That with my heart is where yours should sit.
So here's my poem, only for your heart to see.
Knowing that this is still miniscule,
After all the things you've done for me.
This is my way of telling you,
I love everything you do.
But more importantly this is my way of saying,
I think I love you.

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