For you

I have always found something strange in the role of true love. But before I had ever been so lucky to meet someone that could change so much about me, there has always been three things I have always known for certain:
Love is something that is earned, and when so, deserved. And you have earned more than what can make up the heart, and therefore deserve it more than anyone I have ever known. Your deep, and caring smile deserves someone that will never let it go—someone that will never stop that smile. You deserve someone that will look into your eyes the same way you do them, so that you two both can forget about the surroundings that hold you too as close. You deserve someone that will accept everything you are, everything you were, and everything you ever will be. The person you deserve should not just want the man you are, but need your body and soul.
The second thing I know for certain is that fear is one thing that holds us all back. The reasons to be afraid are eternal, I know that. Whether it’s the thoughts that remind you of past pains, or the thoughts of holding profound hurt in the future, they are fears that would hold back the strongest individual. There are fears that hold us back we all continue to unravel like a favour waiting to be returned.
These fears and concerns may make you feel like you were never enough. But I know you as a person, and I can tell you up and down from the beating of my heart, you have never been more than enough. But with that said, it is important to feel afraid, it reassures us of being human—but what is even more amazing about feeling afraid is that is reassures us that there is someone in this world that is willing to pick you up and never put you down. It lets you know that there is someone that will give you the strength to put the pieces back where they belong, only so that they can grow with you.
The last thing I know for certain is, I know with everything I have, and even more, I can be all of things for you. I have always known this because, from the moment my heart first met yours, there was not a thing in the world I didn’t want to give to you. When I first met you, the last time I saw you, and every time in-between, you have always driven those fears away, making me comfortable and safe. And I may not know how a lot of this world works, but I do know that there is no one else that could, with any will, do the same for me.
I know that it is cliché, but it is true; and that is, it is, of course, a game of chance, you never know until you try. But what is not cliché, is that I know my heart will never give up on you. You may not believe me, but when the world stops, and we all give our cards, you will then know I mean every last word, I will always be here for you. I’ll keep you close. I will pick you up when you fall. I will be your safe place like you have always been mine. Because someone like you should never feel alone.
If there are any feelings that I could hold onto, I will the rest of my life. If there are any emotions in your heart that reflect my own, I know that we are perfect together—we would be perfect for each other.
I love you, and no matter how many life times I have to spend without you, I will always love you.

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