for you

Eyelids closed
Hair fallen in curls
Lips slightly parted
Even steady breaths
In the glass chamber
Fingertips blue
And unmoving
Chest rising and falling
A perpetual state
Of stagnation
A life without
Or love.
But is it?

Door slides on its’ hinges
Without so much a squeak
Shadow footsteps glide
Over the butter light
Into the chamber of the sleeping woman

A hand placed on a glass chamber
Black against the light
Soft carressment
Against the frozen
Crystal pocked glass

A pair of lone
hungry eyes
Blink in the darkness

A weight of human flesh
Pressed into the seat
A moment of silence for
The sleeping woman

A bowed
Scruffy head
A pair of greasy pants
An oil stained shirt
All sacrifice to her

And inside them
A lonely man
wants to be loved

He hates the way she is
Her frozen state
And he wonders
Does she think?
Does she dream?
Does her mind swirl across jeweled
Inky galaxies
While our dreams are grounded
On earth?
Where does she go?

There is nothingness.
No heaven
No hell
No in-between
Just empty blackness
And no realization
That you are already dead

And he yearns
For her to wake.
If only this was a fairytale.

And he comes
Every day
And looks
In hopefulness
To see
If she will wake
And see her
Prince charming
Standing above her
As an escape
From the glass prison
that surrounds her
It was just a job.
Three years watching
her through that machine.
Maybe a little part
of me fell in love with her.
Because I wished
she knew who I was.

It took three years
Three years
Of longing
Of hope
Of sorrow
Of pointless tears
All for the sleeping woman
He never knew

I left
didn’t look back
At the sleeping woman
Who I never knew
And she never knew me
I gave up hope
Dreams are foolish
Princes don’t exist
At least in her world
Of blankness
And darkness
And inky galaxies
With stars
That shine like
Jewels in sand
And I still wonder
If she flew the stars
With wings on her feet
Searching other planets
For her true love
When she never woke
And discovered
That I was
right here
For her.
It was just a job.

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