For You and I

For you and I,
They go out there, afraid to die,
But do so to protect us all.
When so few dare to answer the call.
To go out there, to stand and fight.
To show them all our nation's might,
And when they must they fight for their lives
But not just that, but for you and I.

They did what they must, for what must be done.
They did it all not simply for fun.
They did it for us all, for you and I,
And knowing their sacrifice, it makes us cry.
And just like us, they don't wish for this,
To say goodbye with a hug and a kiss.
Hoping that moment with us won't be their last,
Or hoping to not come home injured and in a cast.

So how about today, for you and I,
We remember not just what they do, but also why.
And so from you and I, let's say thank you
To the oh so many, but yet so few,
Who deserve to hear what we have to say,
And should be thanked every day.
But they are not, and I don't know why,
Because what they do, is for you and I.

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This Poems Story

I'm not a very open person and can't really talk to anyone but maybe one close friend once in a blue moon. My poetry is where I go to write down what I can no longer hold in, and since I hate opening up, it's nearly impossible for me to even share it. What I can share though is my respect for our veterans. So as difficult as this is for me, it is also for them.