For You, Mom

Life courses through me like smooth expensive wine
You see when brought upon moonlight
Even my darkest bruises look divine

The thought of you honestly stains my mind
Almost like those countless cigarette burns you left on my thighs

It feels as if my heart has been vigorously torn
Almost as if it's been pinned apart with needles & thorns
But as you always say, Mom
Take the bull by the horns

This is a tragic love story gone wrong
This is about a broken daughter
Who once truly and utterly cared for her mom

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This Poems Story

Growing up, my mother wasn't the best mom. Dealing with her made this poem come alive. My name is Hanna, and on the outside I'm a regular fourteen-year-old girl, but on the inside I'm so much more! I've been molded and carved into the person I've always wanted to be. All I can say is "I am who I am today because of the past."