it only took one night for things to change
My world turn complete upside down but
Seeing the smile on your face
Made me forget about the pain I was feeling
I didn't plan on falling for you
It wasn't part of my plan
See we were just supposed to be friends
Giving each other support
We went from being friends to so much
more with in only moment of time
One little one word change the complete view
of what was starting to bloom between you and me
some people think what happen between us was wrong
maybe they right
you were the forbidden fruit that wasn't supposed to be
call mine.
None of that matters to me now
Cause all I can think of is you
I have a thousand reasons telling me I shouldn't
But only one that matter saying I should
Therefore, I am willing to take a chance
Seeing where things may go
If I have to wait for you to come back home I will
I will stand by you even if we don't work out
Cause the foundation of our relationship started
As being friends
Falling for you was just the bonus that gave me
A reason to trust in people again.

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