Forbidden Bliss

Forbidden Bliss
His brown hair uncut & fair.
He knows I am there.
Because at him I always stare.
I wonder if he ever imagines how I appear bare.
About my nakedness would he even care?
Someone to trust who I he would never try to scare.
To be bold enough to kiss me would he even dare?

A desire for his love burns so hot.
As sweet as a sugared gum drop.
A cursed rejection so real it rots.
A dream only a nightmare could stop.
An ending with snap, crackle. & pop.
The floor has flooded again, where is the mop?
In the workplace or after in the parking lot.
We deserve all that we got.
Food or presents to imagine he bought.
To visualize it by thinking the thought.
To share his bed & never again sleep on a cot.
A story to tell about with a twisted plot.

A composition so well crafted.
In it's first & second drafted.
A Masterpiece of letters form words.
None of which you really read or heard.

Maybe someday in music or a song.
My poetry will be loved & belong.

A connection unfolds and is not lost.
My dignity would be all it would cost.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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