Forbidden Feelings

The pain and sorrow of the empty space within my heart.
Running, Screaming, Trying to sound everything out.
Stuck, Trapped in deep thought,
Wondering when I'll ever be sane again.
The cold wind whipping across my face,
brings new pain and feeling to my soulless body.
My heart screams and hungers for your touch,
My body rattles like an earthquake waiting to hear your voice.
Wondering when the one will return.

When will the sun, the warmth,
The ever happiness return to my life,
How can this darkness make me feel safe, without being in your arms,
Yet the sun makes me cry and scream,
For you lips to once again linger on mine.
The wind whispers forgotten tales of my loss in my ears.
So that I may never forget my mistakes.
Tears of acid fall down my cheeks,
Dripping onto this holy ground that is beneath my feet.
The black hole in my chest,
Is just spreading like a wild fire, racing,
Trying to consume my thoughts and my body forever.

The dreams, Screaming and crying, wishing you would return.
Your voice, your love, the warmth that leaves your lips,
The beauty of the wind that flows through the trees,
That lingered in your eyes will never be forgotten.
The memories of us make me regret never saying goodbye.
For I sit by your grave with a rose in my hand, for I love you.
You were and will always be my forbidden love.

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