Forbidden Love

The sadness of the moon
Reflects in the water,
Their story will be listened to,
Till forever and after.

The small ripples disappear with the stillness of the night,
Soon they will come back for the mornings flight.
Now the sun rises up but it has come late,
For it is sad that it's moon was not there to await.
Separated for eternity, forever a chase,
The moon sees the sun and hurries with quick pace.
Their life is metaphoric and their story is historic,
The sun they say is light speed, faster than sonic.
They both love each other, forever running in a circle,
Wishing they could speed up but they feel like turtles.

Their torture and punishment will go on,
Until the end of time let the sadness be upon.
They love each other from the moon to the sun,
They will never stop loving, their punishment has just begun.

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