Forbidden Love

My tower, my dream, closing my eyes, feeling the wind
Breathing the cool night air in
feeling your warmth, fighting feelings within
My fountain, my dream, at the center of everything...
Holding my breath, making a wish
tossing all my pennies to the ducks and the fish
leaving that park with only one wish
My carnival ride, my dream, around in circles we go
Singing our lungs out in line for our own show

Looking back and laughing at the life we thought we'd know
My empire, my dream, so high and free
Spreading my arms that I pretend are wings
Saying goodbye to all life and all things
At the top of this building I've finally found me
My rain filled train, my dream, soaked and cold I stand and stare
into your deep brown eyes beautifully aware
They capture my glances hold tight to my glare
seamlessly returning my longing stare
Everything about us causes an ache
A pain within my soul, a pain so deep hearts break
Every memory a bitter taste of a short lived dream
Ruined lives, futures gone a waste
Saying goodbye to forbidden loves cruel fate
Goodbye forbidden love...
Goodbye cruel fate...
Goodbye to the boy I love
Who put everything at stake 

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