Forbidden Days Forbidden Nights

Hidden secrets escapes what the heart holds deeply.
Much misery & pain, led to hurtful mistakes, abuse & neglect.
When their first attempt failed there was no where else to turn, scared & misguided into the night they went,
Where only something evil waits & is always lurking, especially times when money is short.
That's when it really causes bad things to happen.
Shouting offensive words from within the dark, that was so loud but mostly corrupt.
Their sense of injustice is anything more than powerful.
Their temptation is to just take & take caring for no one else, only looking out for themselves.
Mostly living a life in the streets & keeping awful bad company.
Mainly their poisoned minds was making them go off on the deep end.
But somehow one day it all stopped & suddenly hard times in the hood never wasn't the same again.

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This Poems Story

This poem reflects on the many hardships & temptations & adversity that people face every single day, much of what i saw in the neighborhood i grew up in. Even today still many are living with the uncertainty of life or in their particular neighborhoods.