Forbidden Touch

Oh, the moon, so pale and dull tonight,
I wonder if you know how much I love you.
Or shall I say, loved you?

So many thoughts rush through my mind, and all are leading back to you.
I wonder if you. No. Its not possible.
To love who I am.
To, love the person that I have become.

I am gruesome, judgmental, and have bruised so many hearts,that mine shall not have the benefit to love.
To feel it.
To believe in it, or to even wish or dream to consume myself in so much desire.

I hate.
I am alone, and I shall always be like that.
But you, no, you don't see it as that.

You see me as broken and wounded.
And speak such wonderful words, that my heart melts within seconds of your touch.
Every dream I dream is about you, how we will meet again someday.
Vandals fall in love and run away.

But father, as you know, won't let me find my way.
Won't let me experience such joy.
But let's me sit, in this tower.
In this castle.
In this forsaken dungeon, with him flying about, as a dragon would.

Oh dear sire, please let me out to see your beautiful eyes once more.
Shall you climb this tower, using my hair as rope.
Or if I shall die before you show, you shall awaken and return me from death with a kiss of your precious lips.

Lips that should touch, like to pilgrims shaking hands for freedom.

I love you my lord, and shall you never forget it.
I love you, and that's a secret I shall carry to my grave when fate should decide to step in.
Separating our future for only a short amount of time, until we shall meet again.
In a far away place only lovers live, and evil takes no place.

So take my words, purely spoken from my deepest soul and heart, and take my hand.
For it is, a forbidden touch.

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