Forest Fire

The golden rod sun rose upon a new day
As the royal blue bird crossed the fawn as he lay
In a shadow where no one ever sees
Not a sound in sight, except for birds and bees
The mystical coon scavenges for his morning snack
But no one sees 'cause mask he does not lack
The chocolate brown bear roars loudly as he wakes
But as silent as it was, it was all that I takes
To wake the young wolf, he wiggled out of his den
Followed by his siblings-not one, but ten
The emerald green tress swayed left to right
The nocturnal bats snuggled up, nice and tight
As the blue birds sang a beautiful song,
This is the day that will not be long
As campfire smoke arose from away
The little ducklings came from the bay
The elk smelt high in the air
But this was far more dangerous than a bear
The heat scorched up one by one
But more danger was soon to come
A little flash, a flicker of light
This was the beginning of an enormous fight
The fire was out, just like that
But not without leaving disaster in its track
Many homes were lost in this sad fight
But in this disaster, there was some light
New grass grew where the old grass died
Animals came out wherefrom the places they hide
With the new grass came new trees too!
Like Smokey says, forest fires can only
Be prevented by you!

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