Forest Fires

As the smoke rose into the air and dispersed among the sky,
my head finally cleared.
I had lost track of your star,
but I managed to find my way back
through the map engraved on my palms.

Your compass always pointed south;
mine north,
but when our fates were reliant on how we viewed the sky
we set the forest ablaze.
Everything we passed ignited a new string of embers
before the ash was lost to our breeze.

The smoke forced everyone into hiding
and sent fear into their sheltered hearts.
Lungs filled as our hearts once had
until there was no room left to breathe.

We were never able to construct over the damage.
The wreckage we left formed bridges
across rivers that sent us into opposite directions,
our paces set to the speed of heartbeats.
The remaining debris marked new trails
for those still lost, tracking their Polaris.

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