Forest Of Choice

Everyone has the same qualities are everyone else
Sometimes the best thing in life is to forgive the past & move on
Don't say your afraid of the future or your worried
You are in control of your own life
Your choices are yours to be made
Your attitude towards the actions in your life is yours
The fact is, your choice is a blessing
Your life, your time right now in this moment is yours
Each & everyone in this world right now controls there own fate
You are the freedom that can be in life
You are the love that can be in life
You are the good that can be in life
Don't say your not strong
Do not let life change who you can be
Do not let small situations turn into huge reactions
We are all a mess, grab a broom and sweep yourself off
The fact that we can even grab a broom is our choice
Choice is our gift in life
It is the heaven and hell of life
Choices in life is our future calling
Make your life count by doing right & choising right things
Make this experience into a postive life
Help others by making right paths & choices
We all can walk the same road to a good life
So grab each others hand and follow me
Follow me into a forest of choice

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