Forest queen

Rain drops
Drip drop
On stiff bunny fur

Clouds kill the sun
As flowers change
From bright yellow
To dark black

They welt
They sag
They turn to mush
As the rot leeks and oozes
Down from the hill

Bunny fur now black
With nothing left inside
The puncture wound
Pierced through the bone

Between the eyes
The bunny cries
And left to
Die alone

Rot stretched
From blade to blade
Till no grass is left

Beyond the grass
Creatures weep
As trees are eaten

Blackness spread like wild fire
Stretching out with dark claws
It rips the life
from everything in its path

Rot and mush
And sway and crash
They turn to dust

The rot starts upon a child
Whos eyes about to pop
He can not speak
He can not speak

Pointing the gun
He pokes the ooze
And quickly begins to run

He drops the gun
As it melts with rot
Leaving behind
Black and bloody spots

Rot licks his heels
he jumps on a near by rock
Bigger then him
It holds the weight
Until Its starts to sway and shake

An ocean of black
Begins to rise
As the child
Stares and cries

He covered his face
And dared not to peek
For nothing could take the fear away
When the rock starts to sink

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