I am older than any man
I listen and hold man's deepest secrets
as well I put them to sleep at night
For when the wind flows through me
it makes the sound of the angels singing
People hide within my trees
People have died in the palm of my hand
I bring comfort, peace, and quiet
I supply food to all those who live within me
No place has been found better than me
There're mighty rivers for water
as well as mountains to climb
I make people feel free
I am the only friend to the animals who dwell within me
for they trust me with their lives
People who are lonely stay with me
For I am the only friend that they run to find
My trees are tall and strong
My mountains even taller
My air is sweet and soft
For not many come around here
I'm a rainbow in the fall
I'm a choir in the spring
and full of green in the summer
As each day goes by I grow stronger and stronger
For I am the forest that covers the mountains
I am the reason for life

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