Even if our love's flame starts to fade, I'll cherish the memories that we made. Though our paths may diverge, it's true, I'm grateful for the moments I had with you.

In my heart, your presence will forever reside,

A bittersweet feeling I can't hide. Though destiny may tear us apart in the end, You'll always be a cherished part of my life, my friend.

Through laughter and tears, we shared a bond so rare, But now it seems like we're heading elsewhere. You made me want to be alive for once, To chase dreams and take a chance. With you by my side, life felt complete, Every moment with you, pure and sweet

Though it hurts to say goodbye and let go, I'm thankful for the love we once did know.
You truly made me feel alive, A spark ignited deep inside. Emotions bloomed, a fire grew, I never knew love could feel so true.

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    I will always have love for James.