Shining brighter than the sun, I rest my eyes upon my love.
Our gazes lock, and time stands still...
And all that exists is us.
Lovelier than a summer day, his smile warms my soul;
His laugh makes me giddy, transporting me back to the marvelous day.

The moon shone down on our little, happy party;
The music pulsed a steady beat, akin to that of a beating heart.
Longtime friends, he and I-but love chose to strike us hard.
A night of fun and friends abound
Turned into the start of forever.

We never thought that it could be:
How weird this concept is.
But cupid shot his arrows blind,
And they struck their targets true.
He makes me laugh, and he makes me cry;
And when he walks away, my crystal heart doth shatter.

But all that matters is here and now,
And that we are together.
His perfection reflects off me, and together we shine.
Our unity completes the world and chases away the darkness-
Our love will burn forevermore, hotter than the fiery sun.

Together forever is the promise we made...
But forever is not near long enough
When you have found the one you love.

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