U know those kinda girls so hard to ignore?
But trust no guys cause they been hurt once before,
so you just sit an adore knowin that girl deserves so much more,
all she think about is when her heart hit the floor,
lettin one guys mess up ruin it for the rest,
she just need someone to talk to get it off her chest,
stare in her eyes an not at her chest,
make her feel perfect when she suffers from stress,
try an give her the best an never ever less....
girl we could be perfect if we both try rules of love to me apply,
I can cheat an lie act all sly but im not that guy,
hold ya hand as we cross the street,
no reason to cheat mad girls but they can compete,
I want love now not a lust repeat my ex girls number ill delete,
told her fall back retreat.. she said wait! I just wanna chat,
forget her its ur turn at bat gotta be true could u handle that?
If so ull never have to worry bout where I'm at,
what I'm doin.. what girls I'm viewin who I'm persuin,
cause its just me an u in...a whip just cruisin,
to a place of ur choosin.. both gainin much not loosin,
nothin ur pefect from every point of view,
i wanna say hi to you never bye to you,
never adieu never lie to you,
mistreat you never,
lets be you and me forever.....

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