it's all I really need
and all I really crave
to be blessed with something worthwhile,
that lasts me to my grave.
this naive desire
requires love known only to the past.
because its evident,
these days, nothing can last.
I stop and wonder
what I crave the most
is it the love that died long ago,
and left only its ghost?
is it the way you mimicked the ghost
with ice cold insides?
is it the way you promised?
is it the way you lied?
I don't know where to find answers,
and I've given up trying.
it's as if love is a cancer,
and my infected heart may be dying.
stop me now, if you may.
recover the heart drenched in decay.
no need to now, life lines are severed
and I'm only left asking,
what's the fun in "forever"?

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