The things in my heart are true,
for I cannot lie.
Time passes everyday,
let's be great full for what we
have now, not what will come.
Treasure all the moments so they
will be forever in your heart.
Every moment will not always
come again, and will not always
be the same.
Never miss a chance to say
"I love you," to all the ones
you really love, family and friends.
Stop and just feel whats around you.
When your heart sings and you
hear music that's not there.
You have a pep-in-your-step.
Feel the cold air all around your body.
See your breath when you exhale.
Hear the sound of the wind blowing
peacefully through the trees.
The sensation of the leaves crunching
beneath your shoes just after they
have fallen from the tree.
Thinking about your loved ones and
the ones that love you,

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