forever, wow that’s such a long time
to devote yourself to another person
when your love was still in its prime you made the choice to devote your life to crime while i’m working overtime, trying to pay my way through life to get you through this strife, trying to see you as my wife together in the afterlife after the knife fell from my hands, bleeding with flood of my blood all over the floor.
i wish would have taken it slow, so we’d both know to go with the flow and not blow through these feelings like a rapper in the studio blows through all the complicated verses while i nurse these internal wounds.
all because we promised forever, when forever wasn’t ours to promise in the first place,
so i’ll give you the space you need to replace my embrace while i feel emotionless, trying to feel the warmth when the numbness over takes me.
don’t go promising forever, when you can’t even give a day.

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