Eons have been an apparition; existence was a dream,
a specter, an illusion of reality, a ghost in a finite
Here I am.
Within the maelstrom and barrier of uncertainty,
An ocean of obscurity, of haze and wanderlust...
I see you.
You compel me and summon me. Your power
Is the force of gravity pulling me into the deep,
deep apex.
Here I go.
I feel my life draining away, my body falling under me.
I am moving, I am moving closer now. I can almost
reach you. My God so close. I traveled so far
to get here, to this place above. A dream come true.
But as I sense your life slipping away, I sense
My life slipping away...You beckon.
Here we go.
Into the abyss I will follow you. Matter and light
warped and torn. Everything I am will disappear;
everything you are is love. I learned so fast in the
end. And I will feel this way forever.

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