Forever And A Night

Forever and a night, your heart and mine
The fabric of our lives, inextricably intertwined
You're part of the divide between my heart and mind
You're any semblance of my life that I could define

It kills me deep inside that all the times you cried
I was just another life who said they cared but lied
And I don't want you to be mine; but wish I could turn the tide
And give you, you free; but you must decide
So come along for the ride and I'll show you how I've died
Or at least I've tied to crucify this monster deep inside
I strung you up in public eye with these nails of mine
I dug out your eyes and I never even cried
When tears soaked up your eyes, so much for long goodbyes
Because this one's took a life, like the light behind your eyes
And I robbed them of light, a contribution to your plight
And I can't make it right so I'm just left with a night

These forevers intertwined 'till I cross the great divide
Or the fabric of our lives, unravels, I'll travel light
Throughout space and time I look for meter in the rhyme
Chaos or design? Perhaps that difference is just sublime

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