Forever Broken

Your insecure love shattered my heart leaving it in pieces
Each piece representing the hurt of my soul
Each piece cannot be bonded back together, for it's forever broken
Tears fall down my cheeks like a tsunami
No tissue or dam can stop the flow of emotions
My body aches, as if I am of older age
Leaving me fragile and numb, as if I can't move
My arms are stiffened from the tight holding of my pillow at night
I can't move, for I am a statue holding its pose
I was so hungry for your love
Now that you are gone, my appetite is only the tears I swallow
My body used to be yours every chance you got
Now my body only yearns for resentments and why mes
My mind wants to be with you, but my heart has died-
For you have beaten it to death with your lies and cheating
My feet walked away from your foolishness and dishonesty
Leaving my heart on the ground and my mind still with your heart
For I am forever broken.

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