Forever Happy

One day a young boy gave up on himself,
so he took a gun off of his dad's top shelf.
He walked down the street with nothing to dread,
for he knew that today he would be dead.
As he walked farther away from his family and friends,
he said to himself, "Today my life ends."

All of the sudden he fell to his knees and started to cry,
"God, help me please!"
Theses were his final moments,
it was live or die.
He realized his life was one great big lie.
He put the gun to his head,
his finger pulling back on the trigger instead.
In just a few seconds his whole life was gone,
"I'm coming God, it won't be long."

As the preacher read his last goodbyes,
his mom stood by with two teary eyes.
When the funeral was over and everyone had passed,
his tombstone read: "I'm happy at last."

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