forever here

We are here UNTIL ETERNITY Loving the MIST in the Morning and CRIMSON in the hills, This state is in my VEINS, I say sometimes please RELEASE me, But I don't want you To you see as we as go, FLEETING for the river spinning out of control got to hurry and have our Fun then get home and sharpen the BLADE to get the lawn cut, before the sun goes down sometimes, The moon looks so ' HOLLOW you can see right threw it The stars sometimes dance like TEMPEST all across the sky at night.... The rain came and The drainage grate is Filled with leaves and sticks hearing The rain just makes me STOIC suck in the nature and the air Breathe feel it welcome it Living in Michigan gets ruff in the Winters at times but our Summer is Splender and Joyful days to Enjoy and love ..... written by ~vivi~1-18-09

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