Forever Lost

The sun is setting golden-yellow, as it fades into oblivion
A beautiful tragedy, for our world is now the monster's poison,
Committing heinous crimes that cut the veins of Pretentious Humanity.
Greed's damned desire that drowns blood into Hand's gun: sanity?
Identical twins that clash armour on opposite sides of the civil war.
For the human race toward a finish line, and "first" a deception,
Trust forever lost and love a proposal - declined.

Earth weeps for mercy from the monsters,
A bountiful beauty: contaminated, deprived, exploited to her limit.
The sound of green has been silenced, and still the truth is bluffed
for Innocence forever lost, and the damage is irreversible.
We choose to believe in fate, yet fate chooses not to believe in us,
And Washington D.C. still debates; can only money can motivate?

Developing world, Poverty reigns dictator.
We deplore the gap between the rich and the poor
For had they eaten the forbidden fruit?
Crave, possess, boast: uncontrolled consumerism and thirst for more.
Paradise forever lost, the slaves of free trade.
We can choose freedom, but cannot have the freedom to choose
Seldom questioning: were we not all descendants from Eve and Adam?

Time forever lost and sustainability: what's left?
The monster welcomes the inevitable death.

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