Forever More

By Reverie   

There is a light drizzle, falling to the ground
Drifting softly, quietly, silently - there is no sound.
Our bikes, one after the other, travel through the puddles,
A drop lands past my hood's barrier, causes me to shudder.

But as I look at you, my heart slowly warms,
Knowing that with you I will not undergo any harm.
You look over your shoulder, your eyes connect with mine
Your mouth spreads into a smile wide, it twinkles and it shines.

I pedal faster, causing water to spray around me
And once I catch up, my heart fills with glee.
I can feel my eyes shine, my being fill with joy
And recognize that by my side is that one kid, that one boy.

Forever more, we'll be running partners in crime,
Forever more, it'll be us flying versus time.
Through the blazing fire, through the dark woods,
We'll run and fly cause we've know we've always could.

Our thoughts are like a duet, in perfect symphony
The notes complement each other, like an angel choir singing.
And our words are like a poem, every line does rhyme,
And the syllables have a stable beat, time after time.

Your right hand holds onto my left wrist, as I do the same
Gripping on to my one lifeline, that one that has no name
As the drizzle phases into a downpour, the grip tightens much more
We go faster than ever, a little faster and we'll soar.

Forever more we'll be you for me and me for you,
And I know this for sure, and I'm sure that you know it too.
Forever more we'll accomplish that special friends forever,
And ever after we'll be the ones that stick together.

That's something, there's something, We don't even have to know.
How tomorrow's going to be, if you're there I'll surely go
Because forever more, forever more you'll be there that's for sure
If I'm ever heartsick, I know that your my cure.

Still holding on, we jump off our bicycles at the same time
Still holding on, we walk to where our destination lies
Tomorrow tomorrow, tomorrow we'll know for sure
If we're for each other, that I'll know forever more.

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What more is there to say? The poem says it all... ~ Reverie