Forever remember peace & love

At the end of December
when people deliver peace and love
is a time we should always remember

but the season doesn't last forever
and flies away the dove
after the end of December

a holiday we should never sequester
and hopefully flock to in clusters
is a time we should always remember

let's not wait till the hereafter
when it becomes too late to love
after the end of December

a time when everyone should bolster
let's strive for world peace hereof
this feeling we should always remember

the world that we are all a member
let's try to love each other in droves
after the end of December
i wish we could forever remember

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Tags : Peace, Love, Holidays

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    This Poems Story

    This is a \"Villanelle\" style/format of poem. People are much happier and thoughtful during the holiday season, but as soon as it has passed, they forget to have the same feelings and thoughts the rest of the year. I wish for people to treat the rest of the year the same as what they peach and feel during the month of December.