Forever the Pain

My life was pain from all the hate I've been through,
Stuck in the rain and I didn't know what to do.
I got memories from when I was four,
Locked outside eating food from the floor.
Bruises on my body please stop the hurt,
Mom and dad where you at I'm tired of eating dirt.
Drinking out of beer cans and taking hot baths,
Screaming out loud with echoes of evil laughs.
And damn, every time I dream
I get back to the horror scenes and no nah mean.
'Cause only a few understand all this pain,
Encrypted in my body, my soul and my brain.
It goes over and over no stopping,
Blood dripping the pain is still knocking.
On my heart the guns cocking
No more life it's now popping.
All my innocence dead enough said,
I'm about to end this pain and bloodshed.

Forever the pain, forever the rain,
But after all, I couldn't end this pain.
So, I put the gun down.

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