Forever to Shine

By Poet T.   

Cover your ears, close your eyes
Forget the world that lies outside

Leap out of bed, bare feet touch the floor
Time to escape, just once more

Her fingers wrapped with mine
In the other, out light to shine

Never to forget the book we carry
When time to excape a world so scary

Close the door behind us and scurry to the floor
Shuffle shoes to the side, just like before

With the ruffle of my gown, softly wipe your tears
Put on a smile, for you know he's here

Place our light in the middle, with our hands to hold it tight
Help us Jesus, to make it through the night

Our Bible is opened and words are read
Love and comfort of words you said

The patter of our hearts beats slower now
Two little girls we humbly bow

Our light seems brighter as the time goes by
Let's sing little sister, just your and I

Remember our song he loves to hear
It brings him joy and a smile of cheer

I will start and you join in, 1,2,3, let's begin
Our song is whispered gently with love,
to our Father in heaven who hears us above

This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine
This light of sisters
Forever to Shine!

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