Forever Untold

If I could tell my story  
It would be the greatest ever untold 
From a man with a heart of gold 
To a body that lies so cold 

He heard that one voice 
That gave him the choice 
From fragile and weak 
To starry and bleak 

He cried for help 
And heard no Yelp 
He stood up so bold
With that pot full of gold and was the one who was blatantly so cold 

From deep within 
To judging him 
He was the noise who made the choice 
To be the man that held that voice 

He didn't give in 
The man within 
The one who fought to be alive 
Was now the man who was deprived 

From pretty within 
To the pity in him 
He changed his ways
And learned to gaze 

From caged and carved 
To mangled and starved 
As he just left the cave
He decided to smile and wave

From hello to goodbye to yes I'd like a pie 
He realized he didn't want to die 
He loved and he cared 
But was often too dared as he was frightfully so scared 

He stood up and held his head up high 
And realized he was that guy 
From rotten in mold 
He was finally so toned and that story was never untold .....

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This Poems Story

This poem is about me and my harsh battle within myself and my depression.