Forever You

Your medicine is company and your sin is being taught. I'll wave goodbye to my past as long as you'll talk. Don't friendly fire my enemies I want them all to live, seeking this world out is a story told about shit. Disillusion memories of your kids, father's leaving without a second wish, faking every footsteps as they leave through the door, you're in denial shouting at the one who swore they loved you more. Creeping up the staircase clingy to an end. You're going to spiral down that road again. Beaten in repeat your temptations you adore. Punching the holes in the wall of strength you have stored. Hiding behind the beauty of your life, take it from me I've been that type. Killing the character of love with fear, darkest days where grace dies you're immune system is gone, detecting the virus of all that is wrong you'll stand up against the wall. Fighting for a reason , fighting to not fall. Asleep your mind is leaving for work, defying the gravity of words falling out of your mouth, you're seeing the mess you made, screaming inside out. Reaching for the moon I became a star, not like one in Hollywood , I'm lost in space and darkness afar. Breathing has stopped working for me I'm going to spiral. Down that road again in my heart. I'm in denial. Killing the character of love with fear. This is my stories end. Abruptly cancelled my heart has been. I look through the dimension I have sinned. My happiness is a bitch. I hope your happy you win. Taking the beauty of your life, I love you to be happy my darling lullaby. Decoding yourself with makeup and lies, the gap between your words are filled with denial. Seeking only one world. Sweetheart you are lost in my eyes, believe me when I say I hate to see you cry. Let me hold you once again. My life is fulfilled as long as you'll smile. Give me a reason here for you, I'll love to see your beauty as you are walking down the aisle. My happiness is brought through the love of your love. I'm alive. Ready to take the step of myself. Becoming more, I'll lie with you until the eyes of me close, happily ever, no more darkness. Kissing only you. Forever you.

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