We just grow apart, at a distance.
We stopped using technology to keep in touch.
I don't consider it a relationship with someone who doesn't touch me,
only at a glance in the far distance.
Why can't there be love?
My heart grows darker and more profound,
an independance, an execution, a result.
Heartbreak, an illusion that someone is there, waiting, wanting to hold you close,
be by your side.
How is this marriage?
How can he say I'm his wife, if he kicked me out long ago.
Two souls, years apart.
Who live apart.
Love at first sight, then a love that dies.
We move on.
You tell people I'm your wife, play nice.
Where have you been?
Why does it hurt when you don't call?
I've lost conscious.
I'm lost for words.
Why do we play pretend?
Why does it hurt?
We are not together,
and want to find equilibrium.
I want to find myself.
I am lost without words.
I cannot be.

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Seperation. Disconnect, independant but drawn in. Pain. ... Avoidance, a new life. Complete ignorance and independance.