Forgetting is everything


We must forget the painful
things in our life. There is no reason, not one to
remember. We don't forget G-ds word. I've become
stronger, more committed in my faith knowing that
challenges will be overcome in G-ds time.
I held G-ds word closer than ever during this
pandemic with references from Breslov, and knowing
that death is a common denominator.
I want to live a life fulfilled
here on earth, so I live peacefully and righteously.
Heath is also not a given, but a moment by moment
miracle for which we must
thank G-d daily.
By living peacefully and righteously here, we can
enjoy peacefulness and righteousness up there
the reason we were created.
We were ALL created perfect and G-d intends us to
stay that way. Hashem wants
us to be proud of our actions so we don't have fear of
people of G-d. Then, we can live a life fulfilled. We
will have fulfilled our goal here
and in the World to Come
with peace and righteousness everlasting.
Dina Hirsch

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